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Why we started Mcore


Before we started Mcore, we were unsatisfied with the quality of music in our community and we felt we could bring a better and much more affordable option to the table.

Who we are and our background


We are a group of people who have come together to form a band for all occasions. Each of our band members have professional backgrounds and have stage experience with many well-known musicians and singers such as:

  • Harout Pamboukchyan
  • Martik Kanian
  • Michael (Garren Artuni)
  • Andre
  • Arsen Safaryan
  • Sofi Mkheyan
  • Helen

We have done a  Ժողովրդական Երգիչ project with:
Artem Khachatur, Mkhitar Ketsyan,
Vardan Baghdasaryan, Narek Khechumyan,
Edgar Avetisyan, Petros Petrosyan,
Monika Nazaryan, Sevak Amroyan,
Suren Avoyan, Yeva Tashchyan,
Yeva Yeganyan, Haykuhi Babakhanyan,
and Mavr Mkrtchyan

Meet the Band

Each one of our band members has a professional background in the music industry.

Here are their short biographies.

Hovik Aloyan

mDirector, mViolinist, mPianist

8 years of beginning music school, 4 years music college, graduated violin and piano class in Armenia, worked as a violin tutor for many years, studio experience since 2001, and have been composing and arranging music since 1993.

Vazgen Avetyan


Graduated Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan as a conductor and pianist, worked as a musician for an instrumental band with many well known singers, and also worked as a composer.

Razmik Kazaryan


6 years of music school in Armenia, played in different clubs and parties, worked with other bands for 20 years, recorded Nartex (1997 CD) and with many well known artists, and currently working with Mcoremusic.

Edvin Petrosyan


Graduated after a 7 year vocal class in Music School No. 17 in Yerevan, Armenia. Studied musical literature, choir, and piano. After his studies, he moved to the states to continue his career in the music industry, entertaining the Armenian community for over 20 years.

Vahan Iskandaryan

Record Producer, mGuitarist, Composer

Graduated Yerevan State Jazz Art College, worked as a musician for over 20 years with many artists such as Artashes Avetian, Ashot Azaryan, Bijan Mortazavi, Razmik Amyan, and many others.

Emma Tovmasyan


Graduated as a professional conductor, music theorist, singer, and worked as lead singer of the Armenian State Symphonic band of TV and Radio. She's passionate about music and still works as a singer.

Albrik Abelian


Graduated Vanadzor's Music College xylophone class, over 30 years of live stage experience with many artists such as Harout Pamboukchyan, Armenchik, Sirusho, Paul Baghdadlyan, Maksim, Andre Danik, Googoosh, etc.